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Senegalese Rapper/Songwriter, Legacy, was born Abdourahmane Aziz Dia in Dakar, Senegal, on November 16, 1989. He lived in Senegal, West Africa as a child, but later attended school in Queens NYC in late 2001. He has released songs that played on radios in the US as well as in Africa, and Europe. On a major Pennsylvania radio station, B104, Legacy's song, "Africa",  was more requested then Lil Wayne's “Lollipop", a huge sensation at the time.  Throughout his career he has performed in NYC, PA, DC, MD, Ohio, and BC. Several shows included major artists such as: Fabolous, Day 26, Ron Brow, Ray j, and Cherry Dennis. He’s also been featured on TV in the US and Overseas, as well as on a few Urban magazines. With the support and help from fans and international radio Dj’s, Legacy's fan base grew rapidly overseas. Soon, Legacy was offered two indie record deals and an Africa tour deal.


Legacy's passion of music began at an early age. By the age of two he would cry to listen to music. Influenced by his father who listened to all genres of music, Legacy started listening to Hip hop, R&B, country, Jazz , Negro spiritual, Mbalax, Soft rock and Reggae, which he claims gave him the ability to write songs for artist of wide-ranging genres. While living in Queens NYC he was influenced by Tupac, Nas, Jayz, Big L, Phil Colin, Bob Marley, Sam Cook, Toto, Alpha Blondie, Youssou Ndour, and many more artists of different genres. It was in Queens, that Legacy started writing music in English, which at the time was a new language to him.

Music Success

At the age of 17, Legacy released his first mixtape, “The Done Deal". The mixtape featured well known artists like Murda Mook, Cashflow, and Ooz. After hearing the mixtape, Eric Chase who worked for B104 radio as the program director, played Legacy record, “Africa" on air. This made Legacy the first unsigned rapper to be aired on B104. With the request vote page, Legacy's song received more votes than lil Wayne song "Lollipop".  As Legacy's buzz grew from live show performances, radio plays and fans sharing his music, he was able to release another mixtape called, "Watch My Grind". The mixtape included his hit songs, “Champion" and "Senegal". Also gaining recognition were his remixes of “ Kiss Me Through the Phone" and "Right na na na". Legacy was then offered a deal to tour in Africa, but due to collegiate commitment, he turned it down. At the same time, he was offered two indie record deals which he too declined. Within a year, he released another mixtape, “On the Road to Stardom", which was influenced by his lifestyle at the time. The mixtape featured artists from DC and Atlanta. It included several hit songs namely, “All I Know", "Ghetto Life", and "College Party Animal”. "College Party Animal" became popular in the college community and was later remixed by numerous Dj’s. Legacy then decided to step away from his career as he went soul searching in an effort to determine the true purpose of his talent and to find himself. He stated, “I don’t want songs people just listen to and like I want to make songs that will empower and touch souls and make people feel good. That is the true purpose of music to me”. Though he stepped away from his career, he kept writing songs for himself and for potential artist in genres such as Rock, Country and R&B. After three years, he returned by stating, “knowing your purpose as an artist is far much more valuable than any record deal, when you just focus on knowing yourself and just music there are no boundaries to your art".

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